Worst Foods for Dropping Weight

carnival foodThis is probably going to just convince you that your suspicions were correct, and that the worst foods for weight loss are the obvious choices. Sometimes we need to hear it over and over though.

Ads on internet pages telling people to avoid five foods and leading to a description of why bananas are bad for you are no help to obese individuals. These ads lead to sales pages where customers are supposed to buy supplements or join fad diets. Real food is good for you, even some with a high concentration of fat. The worst foods for weight loss are the ones you already know about.

Fat-Free Desserts

If the idea sounds too good to be true it probably is. There is no such thing as dessert without fat, at least not somewhere down the road. Sugar is fat-free but sugar is converted quickly into fat if your body doesn’t use it as energy right away. Even if you go for a run directly after eating a treat made mostly from sugar, that natural sweetener is probably messing with your mind at the hormonal level. Enjoy dessert but always regard it as the high-calorie treat it really is.

Refined Foods

Junk foods like cake, cookies, and crackers contain large amounts of processed flour and sugar. There is little goodness left in them and plenty of simple carbohydrates, all of which are converted to sugar. This raises your blood sugar level sharply, causing immediate satisfaction followed by a huge drop minutes later. Suddenly you are hungry again and are likely to eat anything you can find in a hurry. If this happens when you are on the road, it’s tempting to buy something easy, packaged, and refined because of that desperate, shaky feeling. After giving in, you are hungry once more, un-nourished, and loaded with useless calories.

Those refined foods are also leaving deposits in your lower abdomen. Since little can be used by the body and so much is left behind, these starchy carbs just sit there until you cleanse them out during detox routine. That’s food rotting in your stomach, causing smelly gas, nausea, and vaguely heavy sensation. The pounds stack up too.


Even the so-called “healthy” cereals are loaded with sugar. Don’t just read amounts on the label; compare those with serving sizes. You’ll see that usually one third or more of your breakfast consists of table sugar.

Fried Foods

Healthy fats are used by the brain and muscle to repair and build cells, but those fats are found in healthy foods: nuts, avocados, and chicken, for example. Grease is laid down by the body as pure fat. Your system can’t use it to replenish and repair worn tissues and cells.

Pop, Soda, Whatever You Call It

soda and donutEven diet pop is bad for you. Aspartame is considered a toxin and your body has no use for it. Aspartame is treated as a toxin and stored in fatty tissue with other poisons. Sugary pop is no better for all the reasons listed above regarding sugar. Those calories seem impossible given that you drink the stuff, but there are many teaspoons of sugar in a single can of cola. The bubbles also give you gas so you could be bloated, not fat. Listen to your mother. Drink water or a glass of milk.

We could go on and on, but I think you get the picture!