The Venus Factor Review

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Venus FactorHi! I wanted to spend a little time today writing a Venus Factor review for you since I just bought the program myself. Also, I want to emphasize that I actually bought the book (actually it’s an ebook, or electronic book) with my own money, and the company did not send it to me in return for this review. I think that’s kind of important to note since I really don’t think that half the reviews of stuff out there are from people who really do lay down their own money to promote a product.

But anyway, that’s enough of that. Here’s why I wanted the Venus Factor 12 Week Nutrition Program: I’m overweight (as difficult as that is to admit), and I am a woman. I never had a weight problem until the last 15 or so years, and I’ve had enough. I felt the need to have a better understanding about problems that are unique to women when it comes to weight loss. My husband can eat anything he wants and never gains an ounce. I used to be that way, but not any more.

It’s my own fault, and I have no one else to blame. One of the first things I liked about Venus Factor was that the guy who developed it was feeling bad about his own sister’s inability to lose weight. He himself is a fitness trainer and looks really good. His name is John Barban, and he understands more about women’s weight loss struggles than you might imagine. Until I read the information on the website, I honestly had never heard of “leptin resistance,” which is something that’s critically important to understand, since addressing this is the core of the 12 week program.

Okay – I’ll try to outline it all for you here – but you’ll learn about leptin resistance at the Venus Factor website itself, as well as elsewhere on this website where I talk about it in a separate article called “Leptin, Insulin, and Weight Loss.”

Assuming you have read, or will read my article on about leptin and insulin, and their effect on weight and fat loss, you know that we women need to do something other than stupid and almost ridiculous fad diets (another thing I cover here on the site). You already know they don’t work!

What John explains and teaches in the core manual is the differences between our metabolisms and men’s metabolism, and why certain diet strategies work for guys, but not us.

He explains why we tend to wind up with terrible food cravings that can completely ruin and sabotage our best intentions when it comes to dieting.
The membership includes a “nutrition calculator” that will help EVERY woman of every size to determine what her targets should be when it comes to weights and measurements.

He includes a library of more than 100 exercise videos (they are more like demonstrations of various exercise techniques) that clearly show you what to do – correct form, etc. These are really helpful, and as an example, I just finished a number of reps of the “Curtsy Lunge and Leg Raise,” and it BURNS! In a good way!

Even better, he outlines every workout for every day of your 12 week challenge!

You’ll learn to identify your “trigger foods” that can easily derail your efforts – but even better (since, at least for me, I know EXACTLY what my “trigger foods” are) – he helps us understand that there IS a place for these foods in our lives, so we don’t have to go into any kind of terrible, deep mourning over the loss of our favorite foods.

He outlines exactly what type of eating plan we need to follow, and when to eat. These “blocks” within the 12 week plan are called “Protocols.” He gives us numerous examples of eating plans and menus – and if you are an extra $29.95, you can get the whole 12-weeks worth of meal plans and shopping lists completely drawn out for you so that there is no creativity needed on your own part. It’s like a “done for you” deal. AND, if you need a cookbook or guide to help you if you’re going to try to come up with the meals on your own, he has the Venus Factor Cookbook for $19.95.

There are two other things that John Barban offers during the checkout process.

The first is a membership in his “Immersion” community for $79 per month, which you can try for 30 days free, and can cancel any time afterwards. The thing is, if you get in there for 30 days, you’re going to find a very helpful group of women who are going through (or have gone through) what you are, and they are very supportive. So, you’re probably not going to want to leave the community! I think that $79 per month is actually a little high, and it would really strain my own budget, so it was really kind of a bummer to me to not take advantage of it. But, if you can afford $79 per month, you might find it well worth your while.

The second offer is a $47 12-week advanced fat loss and muscle toning system called “The Venus Factor Final Phase.” Because I am feeling a little strapped for cash, I didn’t get that, and am hoping that after I’m done with my initial 12 week program that it will be offered again.

There’s really only one thing I didn’t particularly care for in this program, and it’s not what you might think. Believe it or not, it was a particular “free bonus” that was offered that annoyed me. It was the “4 Things to Eat Before Bed,” which was honestly nothing more than the same short PDF that I’ve gotten as “free bonus reports” in a dozen other programs. I’ll tell you what they are right here: Lean white meat like turkey or chicken breast or eggs, cottage cheese, green vegetables, or a slow-digesting, low-carb protein shake.

You can look it up online. You don’t need to buy a product to get this information, which really just puts you on another email list to be sold more stuff. In order to “claim” this free bonus, you put in your email, and you get the download. The second I got the download, I unsubscribed to the list, because I’ve already been on it a dozen times.

These emails also tend to try to sell you the next “silver bullet” solution to this or that or the other thing. Don’t get distracted! If you want to lose weight, stick with one program to the end and THEN review your progress and decision to do something else.

So, to recap – Buy the Venus Factor for $37, and if you want or can afford the additions that you’ll be offered, that’s fine.

Go ahead and download the bonus reports, but just beware of being put on additional emailing lists that you may not want to be on (totally your choice, it’s just my personal pet peeve since I get enough emails).

I sincerely hope that my discussion and review of The Venus Factor has been helpful to you!